200 Times Adultery

That morning in Madinah Al-Munawarah in an opportunity Umrah in 2007, an adviser ust blocked by a flock at breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The congregation is asked for time to consult ust a bit of trouble. “Ustaz do when someone has a mounting sins then he repented and asked forgiveness of Allah then repentance will be accepted?”

Smiling the ust replied lightly, “Allah will accept the repentance of course!”

“But ust, there was a friend of mine who happened to be there at Medina berumrah and today, and he doubted if the repentance is not accepted by Allah!” Connect the congregation.

“Why is he still free?” Said Mr. ust.

“Because he had committed the sin of adultery, Ustaz!” Said the pilgrims.

While revealing a face full of shade and seriousness, the ust commented, “The opportunity to repent will always be open for him!”

“But ust, adultery he did not just once!” Said the pilgrims.

“Like how many times does adultery,” asked the ust curious.

“Adultery 100 times he may have done, Ustaz!” Added the congregation.

“Astaghfirullahal Adzhim” beristighfar ust because the sound shocked. Looks tone and facial expressions changed ust because the surprise.

Found that the congregation asked once again to his teacher said, “If the sin of adultery that much, is there a chance for him repent, Ustaz?”

The ust mengela breath and then said, “Sure, repent opportunities will open up. Both hands of Allah. will unfold in the night, so that sinners could repent daylight. His hands will always be open during the day, that sinners in the night time to repent. ”

And Abu Musa ra. and the Prophet. said, “Verily Allah Azza wa Jallah stretches out His hand at night to accept the repentance of those who do evil in the daytime, and spread his hands during the day to accept the repentance of those who do evil in the night until the sun rises from the west ( Judgment). ”

“The door is always open for repentance is a servant of God all the time, day, night, morning and evening!”

Hearing this explanation of the congregation feel somewhat comfortable. Sounds congregation murmured then he continued, “I think my friend was not adultery 100 times deh, Ustaz” Heard the ust hope in my heart that figure adultery does not achieve much. But the ust very surprised to hear the pilgrims continue the sentence.

“I think adultery is also 200 times more he did!” Append the congregation.

“ASTAGHFIRULLAHAL AZHIM. ! “Ust the forgiveness to God with a voice louder than ever. Ust not imagine the figure of the servant of Allah. who dared to commit the sin of adultery that much. The ust reflect and think about this depraved human behavior, until his face tone ust really changed drastically.

Seeing that reaction again chasing the congregation. “Ustaz, if that much sin, whether if he repent it will be accepted by God?”

Ust set the actual weight of the heart when I heard of this event. But the ust try to smile and convince his congregation by saying, “Although there is no accounting for sin. Although the skies of sin, even if the whole world of sin. As the servant and beristigfar repent to Allah, then surely Allah. will accept the repentance and forgiveness gave her! ”

Anas bin Malik said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah. said, Allah. said, ‘O son of man, as long as you pray to Me and hope my forgiveness, I forgive your sins has past and I do not care. O son of man, if your sins skies, then you ask forgiveness of Me, I forgive thy sins, and I do not care. O people if you come with a sin-.Ku whole earth, and then you meet Me without associating partners with Me, surely I will come to you with a full pardon earth. “(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi)

Ust last answer makes the congregation feel relieved. He started to smile and then said, “Thank God, if so then I would break the news to my friend’s. Hopefully he is confident that God will accept repentance. But ust, so he can hear directly … Can I invite him to meet with ust? ”

“I am pleased to be willing to see him. Please come to room 709. I’m waiting for ya in the room at 8 o’clock this morning? “Light Pak Ustaz. A moment later the ust left the congregation at a restaurant table. He went to his room as he continued to seek forgiveness say to Allah. because it is difficult to imagine how great a sin committed by a servant of Allah. as told his congregation.

After his break in the room, then promptly at 8 am, the ust heard a knock at her door by someone. The ust swiftly rose to open the door, and he suspects behind the door now stood two men. First is the assembly of the familiar, and the other is a friend of his congregation that he had committed the sin of adultery even 200 times more!

Unfortunately …, ust as the door was opened there stood a figure that is at their own congregation, “Where is your best friend wants to consult?” The ust ask.

“At first he was going here, but after thinking for some time he sent me just to see ust. He said he was embarrassed to meet with Ustaz “Clearly the congregation.

“Well then, please come in!” Replied Mr. Ustaz. Then go to the assembly room of the ust.

He sat in one of the chairs in the room. Slightly audible conversation opener ambience, until the congregation was re-asked the same thing to the ust, “Is when the sin of adultery, even up to 200 times over would be forgiven by God if the servant would repent?”

The ust trying to convince the various arguments of Al-Quran and Hadith that Allah SWT. Repentance is Oft. Many times after reading the arguments of the ust asserted, “Surely Allah. will accept the repentance of His servant!!! Of course the condition that he WILL NOT redo it again and again act regretted all his life and followed with various charitable pious capable of supporting the elimination of these sins “ust answers that apparently was quite a relief to the pilgrims.

After over half an hour to discuss the end of the assembly then shake the hand of the ust, with tears in her eyes and the tears and the tears keep flowing endlessly, assembly and then say, “Ustaz sorry, yes, the evil who fornicate more than 200 time that no one else is my own! “Like a thunderbolt the ust very shocked.

Like do not believe it to hear the narrative, both eyes staring ust the congregation who are now crying in front of him from top to bottom until he looked at the same way over and over. “How could he do all this sin?” Ust the heart murmur.

But the ust realized that he had expressed repentance assurance of God opened the door for adultery this much. He will not withdraw his words again! Finally ust the congregation warmly embraced the faith that is now spreading through the recesses of the heart of the incoming pilgrims.

“Excuse me, Ustaz? I had to lie on the issue. I was initially worried ust be mad at me if I do know this much sin … So I pretend that that did this is my friend. I really want to repent to Allah for the sins of adultery thing I ever did.

Especially now that Allah has given me a wife shalihah veiled Even my two young women. Every time you want to leave the house, I was very concerned when the three of them would digagahi by another man, as I often do with many women. I could not bear sin, Ustaz! “Honest utterance of the congregation as he continued to cry tears shed in the arms of the chaplain.

The ust felt pity and compassion to hear the narrative of repentance of a congregation. Some advice for repentance and forgiveness taught by the congregation ust for sobriety. Finally after getting peace of mind that, the congregation said goodbye and was ust off the rooms to the front door. Then the door was closed again.

The ust inhale a deep breath after the guests leave. Ust now beginning to understand how the heavy burden borne sin culprit. And how to repentance and forgiveness to God that there are a lot of peace, serenity and tranquility of the soul. “It repent and seek forgiveness will bring those who carry it out clean soul and mind back!” Mr. Ustaz the knot.

“Say: ‘O My servants who go beyond the limits of themselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah, for Allah forgives all sins. Verily, He is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “(Az-Zumar [39]: 53)

Companions, Allah is indeed Oft-forgiving, that does not mean we are then misused to commit sin as much as possible, and then if we have a new satisfied repent, although Allah is Forgiving, but God also MAHA TAU our hearts when we commit adultery, the deliberate or because of a blunder? if we accidentally mempermaikan kemahampunan God, then our hearts will be easily captured by Satan, and Satan will not take a single moment our hearts to receive the light of guidance of Allah, but if by mistake or ‘ignorance’ us, God still cares to win our hearts from the grip of Satan’s power over us.


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